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Curtain Rods For Bay Windows

A bay window is often a favorite of many, it is a source of peace, provides a sense of relaxation and ideal for any get-together, big or small. But, how empty do you feel when you see no curtains hanging down? Very depressing, isn’t it? Bay windows are meant to flatter your room and bring out its hidden beauty and thereby make it perfect. A curtain in the bay window is simply awesome to enhance the beauty of the room where you live.

But, recently what we have learnt is that, finding bay window curtain rods are much of a headache.

Curtain Rods For Bay Windows usually accommodate the grommet-top or the tab-top panels. Isn’t it a frequent problem when you don’t get the curtain rod you want or you don’t like the material sold in a shop? You buy two at once when you spot them but that is not a permanent solution. This can be done very rarely but of course not always.

White-curtains-for-bay-windows-curtain-rods-window-treatments-rod-ideas-bestHere, we have a pleasant solution for you, DIY Curtain Rods For Bay Windows

•    Firstly, Measure that distance along a wall from outside of any one window that is casing towards the outside of another casing.  Allow any overhang you prefer.

•    Next, Purchase the length of a metal conduit from your local home-improvement store. The metal rod should be hard enough to carry the weighty and gorgeous curtain.

•    After that, Measure from outside the casing up to the first bend in the wall.

Place any mark on a conduit. Do this for another end of conduit also. This is where you’ll bend the rod.

•    Make any template out of a cardboard, a nail and also a clip. Use the template to measure exactly the angle of the bend. Adjust it to a correct angle and then secure with a clip.

Now in order to fold the conduit:  

You will require help while working in this step.  Have a person hold an end on the floor and have another person bend the other end. Use the foot for leverage as you bend it as per requirement.  Bend until it matches with the angle of a cardboard template so that it looks good and perfect.

After you have successfully bent your conduit, hang it to ensure that you have it exactly in the way you have wanted it. You might have to do a little more bending so as to adjust it slightly. After you are done with the conduit exactly how you wanted it, spray paint to match it with the other rods of your house, if or when needed. Oil rubbing a bronze shade can be used to match the home décor. Your pre-existing curtain rods can be of great help. You will definitely like the change you have yourself made and you will definitely be happy by seeing your creativity.


You can check the variety of rods and designs in the online stores; you may as well buy them online. Online stores usually provide their buyers with a set of rods that fit most of the bay windows. These rods are adjustable too. You can check the reviews, compare the quality, material and prices at the same time with as many other stores you want to. You should look at the pricing also. Because you have the right to buy a product that suits your pocket. So you need to search a lot to get the perfect match of the curtain and rod that will be pocket friendly also.

You may hop from one shop to another to find out the best option for the bay window of your room. The curtain reveals your sense of home décor and your taste and your dignity. So be very careful while purchasing a curtain and also a rod for decorating your room.

Curved bay window curtain rods heighten the beauty of your room especially when teamed with an equally breath-taking long curtain. The curtain may be heavy weight or light weight that depends entire on your taste and choice. You may also use twisted traverse rings to accessorize your window rods. These bay window curtain rods along with the glamorous curtain will definitely boost up the looks of your room.